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    • The Construction of Entries in the 'ALPHABETICAL DICTIONARY'(1668) of John Wilkins and William Lloyd 

      Dolezal, Fredric (Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1984)
      The primary lexicographical component of An Essay towards a Real Character and a Philosophical Language (1668), the ALPHABETICAL DICTIONARY (with William Lloyd as co-author), has received only passing mention ...
    • John Wilkins’ and William Lloyd's Alphabetical Dictionary (1668): Towards a comprehensive, and systematically defined, lexicon. 

      Dolezal, Fredric (Routledge, 1986)
      The scholarship on the history of English lexicography has left the Alphabetical Dictionary by John Wilkins and William Lloyd outside of the standard chronology of important developments in lexicography. Since the dictionary ...
    • How Abstract is the English Dictionary? 

      Dolezal, Fredric (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 1986)
      I present evidence from the early history of English lexicography that will show the extent to which the 'tradition' (be it mildly labelled as influence or harshly labelled as plagiarism) can be adequately described as a ...
    • The Canon of the English Dictionary 

      Fredric Dolezal (Canadian Society for Digital Humanities, 1994)
      Digital representations of historical print artifacts that present knowledge and language systems should provide simultaneous images of the original artifact alongside its digital counterpart.
    • Reconstructing Ideologies. Part One: Animadversions of John Horne Tooke on the Origins of Affixes and Non-designative Words. 

      Dolezal, Fredric (Mouton De Gruyter, 1997)
      I present a brief biographical sketch, a summary of some necessary comments on Tooke the philosopher and Tooke the political figure, and a description and illustration of Tooke the theorist of language. We do not arrive ...
    • REVIEW: Semantics and Lexicography. Selected Studies (1976-1996). Herbert Ernst Wiegand, Eds. Antje Immken and Werner Wolski.i. 

      Dolezal, Fredric (Dictionaries: Journal of the Dictionary Society of North America., 2001)
      Professor Dr. H.E. Wiegand worked towards a theory of definition (or, more precisely, in his terms,"so- called definition") by questioning the conventional practice and theoretical premises of linguists and lexicographers. ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 1.1 

      Buhler, Stephen; Ciraulo, Darlena; Corrigan, Alan; Crawford, Kevin; De Haas, Rebecca; Desmet, Christy; Hawkes, Terence; Hickman, Alan F.; Kozusko, Matt; Lanier, Douglas; Muggli, Mark Z.; O'Dair, Sharon; Reed, Scott; Sawyer, Robert; Sinnott, Bethany; Teague, Fran; Warren, Robin; Willis, Susan; Iyengar, Sujata [ed] (University of Georgia, 2005)
      This inaugural issue of Borrowers and Lenders collects essays on Shakespeare in the American South. Buhler, Stephen M. Form and Character in Duke Ellington's and Billy Strayhorn's Such Sweet Thunder Ciraulo, Darlena. ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 1.2 

      Hatchuel, Sarah; Cartelli, Thomas; Rowe, Katherine; Gil, Daniel Juan; Mardock, James D.; Holderness, Graham; Huang, Alexa; Ritchie, Fiona; Dailey, Alice; Szlyk, Marianne; Johnson, Jared (University of Georgia, 2005)
      The second issue of the inaugural volume of Borrowers and Lenders. Cartelli, Thomas and Katherine Rowe_Surviving Shakespeare: Kristian Levring's The King is Alive_; Gil, Daniel Juan_Avant-garde Technique and the Visual ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 1.1 

      Hawkes, Terence; Buhler, Stephen; Ciraulo, Darlena; Desmet, Christy; Sawyer, Robert; Corrigan, Alan; Crawford, Kevin; DeHaas, Rebecca; Hickman, Alan F.; Kozusko, Matt; Lanier, Douglas; Muggli, Mark Z.; Warren, Robin; O'Dair, Sharon; Reed, Scott; Sinott, Bethany; Teague, Fran; Willis, Susan (University System of Georgia, 2005)
    • REVIEW: A History of Roget’s Thesaurus: Origins, Development, and Design. By Werner Hüllen. 

      Dolezal, Fredric (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2005)
      "Werner Hüllen makes a thoughtful, well-documented, and wide-ranging case for placing Peter Mark Roget’s (1779–1869) popular, and by now iconic, Thesaurus (1852) at what he claims is an important nexus in the history of ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 2.2 

      Aune, M. G.; Prince, Kathryn; Rumbold, Kate; Ritchie, Fiona; Sawyer, Robert; Cook, Hardy M.; Potter, Lois; Desmet, Christy; Thompson, Ann; Benkert, Lysbeth Em; Kozusko, Matt; Presley, Erin; Prince, Kathryn; Love, Genevieve (University of Georgia, 2006)
      This is the second issue of the second volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_. Aune, M. G._Crossing the Border: Shakespeare Biography, Academic Celebrity, and the Reception of Will in the World_; Prince, Kathryn_Illustration, ...
    • World Englishes and Lexicography 

      Dolezal, Fredric (Blackwell Publishing, 2006)
      Dictionaries confer legitimacy upon a language as a comprehensive concept, or some part of a language, whether we call that register, dialect, lexicon, or vocabulary ... 'Legitimacy' can be understood as a shorthand for ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 2.1 

      Deszcz-Tryhubczak, Justyna; Cavanagh, Sheila T.; Hateley, Erica; Ciraulo, Darlene; Schierenbeck, Daniel; Keam, Angela; Jensen, Michael P.; Jacobs, Kathryn; Pearson, Meg; Iyengar, Sujata; Ko, Yu Jin; Kanelos, Peter; Newstock, Scott; Dailey, Alice; Ostovich, Helen; Buccola, Regina; Menzer, Paul; Frazee, Andy; Gatrell, Simon; Warren, Robin (University of Georgia, 2006)
      This first issue of the second volume of Borrowers and Lenders is focused on Shakespeare and childhood. Deszcz-Tryhubczak, Justyna_Giving "to Airy Nothing a Local Habitation and a Name": William Shakespeare's Worlds of ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 3.1 

      Fischlin, Daniel; Moore, Don; Drouin, Jennifer; Williams, Deanne; Wilson, Ann; Fortier, Mark; McCutcheon, Mark A.; Thompson, Judith; Carley, Rod; Lieblein, Leanore; Fischlin, Daniel [ed.] (University of Georgia, 2007)
      This first issue of the third volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_ features Canadian Shakespeares. Fischlin, Daniel_Giving Shakespeare Meaning, Canadian Style: Canadian(?) Shakespeares_; Moore, Don_Re-Imagining Ethics, ...
    • Writing the History of English Lexicography: Is there a History of English Lexicography after Starnes and Noyes? 

      Dolezal, Fredric (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007)
      " [...] Fredric Dolezal's "Writing the history of English lexicography," opens up some of the most important questions addressed in the collection as a whole. How, Dolezal asks, do we write the history of English lexicography? ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 3.2 

      Kapadia, Parmita; Stavreva, Kirilka; Whitney, Charles; Finnerty, Paraic; Gruber, Elizabeth; Baldo, Jonathan; Clement, Jennifer; Klett, Elizabeth; Wifall, Rachel; Hollifield, Scott; Lehnhof, Kent R. (University of Georgia, 2008)
      The second issue of the third volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_. Kapadia, Parmita_Transnational Shakespeare: Salman Rushdie and Intertextual Appropriation_; Stavreva, Kirilka_Dream Loops and Short-Circuited Nightmares: ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 4.1 

      Skelton, Jay Paul; Ocampo-Guzman, Antonio; Ormsby, Robert; Thompson, Ayanna; Wickman, Tom; Seeff, Adele; Borlik, Todd; Steffy, Rebecca; Thompson, Ayanna [ed.] (University of Georgia, 2008)
      This is the first issue of the fourth volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_, which focuses on Shakespeare and actors of color. Skelton, Jay Paul_Notes from the Rehearsal Room: Casting People of Color_; Ocampo-Guzman, ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 4.2 

      Hartley, Andrew James; Lehman, Farrah; Huang, Alexa; Burnett, Mark Thornton; Ko, Yu Jin; Scott-Douglass, Amy; Hollifield, Scott; Chapman, Rebecca; Tien, Yuk Sunny; Ross, Charles; Hood, Woodrow B.; Orfall, Blair; Sen, Amrita; Sen, Suddhaseel; Trivedi, Poonam; Mason, David; Ferleman, William C.; Chen, Ya-chen; Dailey, Alice; Johnson, Sarah; Kozusko, Matt (University of Georgia, 2009)
      The second issue of the fourth volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_. Hartley, Andrew James_Time Lord of Infinite Space: Celebrity Casting, Romanticism, and British Identity in the RSC's "Doctor Who Hamlet"_; Lehman, Farrah_"Nisht ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 5.2 

      Hennessey, Oliver; O'Dair, Sharon; Richardson, Malcolm; Moncrief, Clare; Munkhoff, Richelle; Loomis, Catherine; Boelhower, William; Monta, Susannah Brietz; Watts, Cedric; O'Dair, Sharon [ed.] (University of Georgia, 2010)
      This second volume of the fifth issue of _Borrowers and Lenders_ focuses on Shakespeare in the lives of those affected by hurricane Katrina. Hennessey, Oliver_A Serious Kind of Laughter: Shakespeare's Grief and Mardi Gras ...