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    • Borrowers and Lenders 1.1 

      Hawkes, Terence; Buhler, Stephen; Ciraulo, Darlena; Desmet, Christy; Sawyer, Robert; Corrigan, Alan; Crawford, Kevin; DeHaas, Rebecca; Hickman, Alan F.; Kozusko, Matt; Lanier, Douglas; Muggli, Mark Z.; Warren, Robin; O'Dair, Sharon; Reed, Scott; Sinott, Bethany; Teague, Fran; Willis, Susan (University System of Georgia, 2005)
    • Borrowers and Lenders 1.1 

      Buhler, Stephen; Ciraulo, Darlena; Corrigan, Alan; Crawford, Kevin; De Haas, Rebecca; Desmet, Christy; Hawkes, Terence; Hickman, Alan F.; Kozusko, Matt; Lanier, Douglas; Muggli, Mark Z.; O'Dair, Sharon; Reed, Scott; Sawyer, Robert; Sinnott, Bethany; Teague, Fran; Warren, Robin; Willis, Susan; Iyengar, Sujata [ed] (University of Georgia, 2005)
      This inaugural issue of Borrowers and Lenders collects essays on Shakespeare in the American South. Buhler, Stephen M. Form and Character in Duke Ellington's and Billy Strayhorn's Such Sweet Thunder Ciraulo, Darlena. ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 2.1 

      Deszcz-Tryhubczak, Justyna; Cavanagh, Sheila T.; Hateley, Erica; Ciraulo, Darlene; Schierenbeck, Daniel; Keam, Angela; Jensen, Michael P.; Jacobs, Kathryn; Pearson, Meg; Iyengar, Sujata; Ko, Yu Jin; Kanelos, Peter; Newstock, Scott; Dailey, Alice; Ostovich, Helen; Buccola, Regina; Menzer, Paul; Frazee, Andy; Gatrell, Simon; Warren, Robin (University of Georgia, 2006)
      This first issue of the second volume of Borrowers and Lenders is focused on Shakespeare and childhood. Deszcz-Tryhubczak, Justyna_Giving "to Airy Nothing a Local Habitation and a Name": William Shakespeare's Worlds of ...