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    • Borrowers and Lenders 7.1 

      Holland, Peter; Walsh, Brian; Trillini, Regula Hohl; Rampaul, Giselle; Sanders, Julie; Bolding, Lisa (University of Georgia, 2012)
      This is the first issue of the seventh volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_. Holland, Peter_Shakespeare, Humanity Indicators, and the Seven Deadly Sins_; Walsh, Brian_Shakespeare in Stained Glass: The Shakespeare Memorials ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 9.2 

      Rampaul, Giselle; Ungureanu, Delia; Pittman, L. Monique; Meyer, Allison Machlis; Gerzic, Marina; Balfour, Helen; Osborne, Laurie E.; Garcia-Periago, Rosa M.; Colón Semenza, Greg M.; Hyland, Nicola; Dunlap, Will; Fuqua, Ben (University of Georgia, 2015)
      This is the second issue of the ninth volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_. Rampaul, Giselle _Shakespeare, Empire, and the Trinidad Calypso_; Ungureanu, Delia _Translating Autobiography into Fiction: Chiasmus and the Play of ...