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    • Borrowers and Lenders 2.1 

      Deszcz-Tryhubczak, Justyna; Cavanagh, Sheila T.; Hateley, Erica; Ciraulo, Darlene; Schierenbeck, Daniel; Keam, Angela; Jensen, Michael P.; Jacobs, Kathryn; Pearson, Meg; Iyengar, Sujata; Ko, Yu Jin; Kanelos, Peter; Newstock, Scott; Dailey, Alice; Ostovich, Helen; Buccola, Regina; Menzer, Paul; Frazee, Andy; Gatrell, Simon; Warren, Robin (University of Georgia, 2006)
      This first issue of the second volume of Borrowers and Lenders is focused on Shakespeare and childhood. Deszcz-Tryhubczak, Justyna_Giving "to Airy Nothing a Local Habitation and a Name": William Shakespeare's Worlds of ...