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    • Borrowers and Lenders 1.2 

      Hatchuel, Sarah; Cartelli, Thomas; Rowe, Katherine; Gil, Daniel Juan; Mardock, James D.; Holderness, Graham; Huang, Alexa; Ritchie, Fiona; Dailey, Alice; Szlyk, Marianne; Johnson, Jared (University of Georgia, 2005)
      The second issue of the inaugural volume of Borrowers and Lenders. Cartelli, Thomas and Katherine Rowe_Surviving Shakespeare: Kristian Levring's The King is Alive_; Gil, Daniel Juan_Avant-garde Technique and the Visual ...
    • Borrowers and Lenders 11.2 

      Engler, Balz; Hatchuel, Sarah; Vienne-Guerrin, Nathalie; Burton, Jonathan; Smith, Christian; Awad, Yousef; Dubbati, Barkuzar; Kahan, Jeffrey; Holl, Jennifer; Buccola, Regina; Aune, M.G.; De Santis, Giorgia (University of Georgia, 2018)
      This is the second issue of the eleventh volume of _Borrowers and Lenders_. Engler, balz _On Gottfried Keller's A Village Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare Adaptation in General_; Hatchuel, Sarah _"To build or not to build": ...