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dc.contributor.authorByrd, Arynn Simone
dc.description.abstractContrastive analysis has shown promise as an effective way to teach African American students to code switch bidirectionally between Mainstream American English (MAE) and African American English (AAE). However, limited studies have examined the feasibility, acceptability, and/or effectiveness of teaching contrastive analysis to young African American students. This preliminary study explored the feasibility and effects of code switching instruction for early elementary school students that focused on the most salient features of AAE and aligned with grade-specific learning standards. Findings demonstrated high rates of administrator, teacher, and student satisfaction; teacher generalization and maintenance of incorporating contrastive analysis instruction into class activities; and reports of students initiating discussions of their use of “formal” and “informal” language. Results indicate students increased their code switching knowledge and produced AAE or MAE responses based on provided scenarios. Implications for research and clinical practice are discussed.
dc.subjectAfrican American English
dc.subjectContrastive Analysis
dc.subjectCode Switching
dc.titleDevelopment and evaluation of a code-switching instruction for early elementary school African American students
dc.description.departmentCommunication Sciences and Special Education
dc.description.majorCommunication Sciences and Disorders
dc.description.advisorJennifer Brown
dc.description.committeeJennifer Brown
dc.description.committeeJennifer Lindstrom
dc.description.committeeLiang Chen

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