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    • The Development of Proto-Oceanic *R in Kaiwa (Iwal) 

      Lackey, Trey (The Linguistics Society at UGA, 2019-03-22)
      In a seminal text in the diachronic study of Oceanic languages, Malcolm Ross (1988:141,147) reports the sound change Proto-Oceanic *R > lk/_# in the language Kaiwa. A few lexical witnesses of this sound change are reported ...
    • Phonological patterns in BEG-raising 

      Stanley, Joseph A. (The Linguistics Society at UGA, 2019-03-22)
      Prevelar raising, or the raising of /ɛ/ before voiced velars, has been treated as a sound change that applies uniformly across relevant lexical items. Using self-reported responses from 434 participants, this paper shows ...