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dc.contributor.authorWang, Tao
dc.description.abstractThe elderly population in the United States has increased dramatically during the past decades, and the aging issue both in America and around the world will be more serious in the future. This study aims to promote active aging of local retirement community residents by applying a landscape design proposal in two local retirement communities in Athens, Georgia, United States. Based on the literature review, case studies, and site investigations, the author conducted a design proposal by creating a retirement community healing environment to benefit the physical, psychological, and social aspects of the senior residents. This design application features integrating edible plants, regular ornamental plants, and symbolized Georgia piedmont landscape scenes into senior community healing environment design. The author assumes that this design application would serve as an ideal senior community healing environment to resolve existing site issues as well as further promote active aging of the senior residents.
dc.subjectRetirement Community
dc.subjectHealing Environment
dc.subjectEdible Plants
dc.subjectOrnamental Plants
dc.subjectGeorgia Piedmont Landscape
dc.titlePromoting active aging
dc.title.alternativeintegrating edible landscape into the healing environment of retirement communities in Athens, Georgia
dc.description.departmentCollege of Environment and Design
dc.description.majorLandscape Architecture
dc.description.advisorSungkyung Lee
dc.description.committeeSungkyung Lee
dc.description.committeeUmit Yilmaz
dc.description.committeeKatherine Melcher
dc.description.committeePratt Cassity

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