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dc.contributor.authorAlqhtani, Abdulmohsen Hussen
dc.description.abstractTwo trials were conducted where the same numbers of Cobb male chicks were assigned to floor pens of three different sizes (20, 30, and 40 ft2). Each pen contained 33 chicks and each size of pen was replicated 6 times. In Trial 1, week 4 and 5 water:feed ratio (WFR) increased as pen size decreased (P<0.05) with the 20 ft2 pens having a higher WFR than 40 ft2. Week 28 WFR of 20, 30, and 40 ft2 pen sizes was 1.98, 1.91, and 1.88 respectively while Week 5 WFR of 1.91, 1.86, and 1.81 respectively. The variable results in Trial 1 being used and it was decided that new nipples and regulators caused an evaluation of drinker systems. No significant difference in WFR was observed during Trial 2. These data suggest that pen size does not influence WFR and thus may not be an issue for consideration in broiler research.
dc.subjectpen size
dc.subjectwater usage
dc.subjectfeed consumption
dc.titleThe effect of pen size on water to feed ratio of broiler chickens
dc.description.departmentPoultry Science
dc.description.majorPoultry Science
dc.description.advisorBrian Fairchild
dc.description.committeeBrian Fairchild
dc.description.committeeMichael Lacy
dc.description.committeeAdam Davis
dc.description.committeeMike Czarick

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