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dc.contributor.authorAghasaleh, Rouhollah
dc.description.abstractIn this dissertation I explore how teachers’ and students’ bodies are considered as distractive. I deconstruct the structure in which teachers’ and students’ bodies are not supposed to appear in the schooling of young adolescents. Using deconstruction, I analyze the structure in which a female body in the classroom distracts rational males from doing their intellectually abstract, bodiless tasks. As far as this approach marginalizes female teachers and students and suppresses bodies, I argue that this is problematic. Reviewing the literature I found this argument very similar to the logic that supported gender segregated schooling in this country and in other societies. This mindset also guides middle school teachers to create what I call gender segregation within coeducation where teachers assign boys and girls into segregated groups because they believe they will otherwise get distracted. This study suggests that this structure is a barrier for girls, people of color, and queer people in their achievement in field of science.
dc.subjectCo-education, Gender Segregation, Body, Equity, Deconstruction, Feminism, Science Education, Policing
dc.titleDoes my body lower your science grade?
dc.title.alternativea feminist deconstruction of "distraction" in coeducational schooling
dc.description.departmentElementary and Social Studies Education
dc.description.majorEducational Theory and Practice
dc.description.advisorCory Buxton
dc.description.committeeCory Buxton
dc.description.committeeWilliam Wraga
dc.description.committeeElizabeth St. Pierre
dc.description.committeeMartha Allexsaht-Snider

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