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dc.contributor.authorMastromartino, Brandon
dc.description.abstractThe National Hockey League (NHL) is considering adding a team in Las Vegas, Nevada and understanding the development of fan identity in similar markets can aid in this expansion process. Las Vegas is located in the Sunbelt, which is a geographic region of the United States that is generally considered to stretch across the Southeastern and Southwestern U.S., currently home to nine NHL franchises. This study is exploratory qualitative research that used a case study method to gain familiarity with the phenomenon of NHL fandom in the Sunbelt region. Results from this research discover the key trends and patterns that influenced individuals to become fans of NHL teams in the Sunbelt region. A model of fandom was developed that suggests current fans are the driving factor of the league’s growth. This research provides practical implications for NHL teams in the Sunbelt to build and expand their fan base, as well as lead to a quantitative investigation to narrow in on specific factors and differences among regions in future research.
dc.subjectNHL, National Hockey League, Hockey, Sport Fandom, Socialization, Sport Fan Identity, Sunbelt, Las Vegas Hockey, Motivation to Consume Sport, Identity Formation, Sport Management, Sport Marketing
dc.titleSkating in the sun: Examining identity formation of National Hockey League fans in sunbelt states
dc.title.alternativeexamining identity formation of National Hockey League fans in Sunbelt states
dc.description.advisorJames Zhang
dc.description.committeeJames Zhang
dc.description.committeeDaniel Wann
dc.description.committeeBecca Leopkey

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