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dc.contributor.authorKerr, Stacey Leigh
dc.description.abstractUsing mobilities theories, I established that geography teacher education does not simply occur in geography education specific programs, but primarily in social studies education programs, and in other non-traditional spaces – like online in Twitter chats, in conversations between peers, in professional development, and in personal navigations of the available curriculum. Through the use of survey and interviews with geography teachers, a content analysis of three Twitter chat sessions geared towards geography pedagogy, and the enactment and analysis of two interventions in a teacher education course, I found that complexity and integrity of the types of education that exist for pre-service and in-service geography teachers is varied across the different spaces. Thus, this dissertation study demonstrates where future research might focus their attention and to consider the contexts where geography teacher education is actually taking place. This was only found out by focusing upon the spaces of geography teacher education – to simply focus on phenomena, the backgrounds of teachers, practices, and processes without considering space leaves out a whole host of possible understandings of the ways in which geography teacher education occurs.
dc.subjectgeography education
dc.subjectgeography teacher education
dc.subjectteacher education
dc.subjectsocial studies education
dc.subjectmobilities theories
dc.titleLimitless classroom
dc.title.alternativeinvestigations and interventions in spaces of geography teacher education
dc.description.departmentElementary and Social Studies Education
dc.description.majorSocial Studies Education
dc.description.advisorJames Garrett
dc.description.committeeJames Garrett
dc.description.committeeChristopher Schulte
dc.description.committeeMardi Schmeichel

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