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dc.contributor.authorJohnson-Mcdaniel, Darrah Kirsten
dc.description.abstractThe metal copper tetrasilicate series (ACuSi4O10), noted for its brilliant blue color, comprises CaCuSi4O10, SrCuSi4O10, and BaCuSi4O10. The pigments based on CaCuSi4O10 and BaCuSi4O10 have the distinction of being two of the oldest synthetic materials, dating back to 3100 and 500 B.C. respectively. Of more interest to modern audiences is the strong luminescence of the ACuSi4O10 series in the near-infrared. We have developed three methods for structuring the ACuSi4O10 series on the micro and nano scales. Chapter II details how we can synthesis micro-structured ACuSi4O10 using solid state synthesis with nanoscale precursors. Chapters III and IV outline how we can use hydrothermal techniques to control the size and morphology of the ACuSi4O10 series. And finally, Chapter V discusses how we can exfoliate the ACuSi4O10 series into nanosheets using hot water and agitation, as well as provides several examples of the solution processability of the nanosheets.
dc.rightsOn Campus Only Until 2018-05-01
dc.subjecttwo-dimensional materials
dc.subjecthydrothermal synthesis
dc.subjectsolid state synthesis
dc.subjectmetal copper tetrasilicates
dc.subjectnear IR emitting materials
dc.titleMicro and nano structured metal copper tetrasilcates
dc.description.advisorTina Salguero
dc.description.committeeTina Salguero
dc.description.committeePaul A. Schroeder
dc.description.committeeJason Locklin

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