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dc.contributor.authorHe, Yang
dc.description.abstractIn this dissertation I provide a critical review of past literature on uncertainty and risk in consumer research, and discuss opportunities for new cross-paradigm research. In Chapter 2 I review past literature on the relationship between the mating mindset and risk-seeking behavior and posit an alternative explanation that consolidates inconsistencies across past findings. Chapter 3 reviews a past research that suggests uncertainty leads to overestimation in long-term consumer budgets. I provide evidence to show that construal level theory may be more adequate in explaining this over-budgeting phenomenon. In Chapter 4 I discuss the potential impact of uncertainty on consumers’ cognitive capabilities, a relationship less considered in past literature. I show that while the feeling of uncertainty boosts one’s ability to receive information, the newly received raw information may not be properly processed due to uncertainty-related anxiety.
dc.rightsOn Campus Only Until 2018-05-01
dc.subjectJudgment and Decision Making
dc.subjectMating Mindset
dc.subjectOmission Bias
dc.subjectConstrual Level Theory
dc.subjectReactive Approach Motivation
dc.titleRethinking uncertainty and risk in consumer research
dc.description.departmentMarketing and Distribution
dc.description.majorBusiness Administration
dc.description.advisorMarcus Cunha Jr.
dc.description.committeeMarcus Cunha Jr.
dc.description.committeeJulio Sevilla
dc.description.committeeJohn Hulland

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