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dc.contributor.authorCabrera, Emily Perdue
dc.description.abstractSummer camp programs designed around community gardens are an excellent way of educating youth and adolescents on better health, nutrition, agriculture, and the importance of local food systems; yet, it is the parents of those youth that are making most of the nutritional, extracurricular, and household management decisions for the family. Engagement of adults with their children on issues related to nutrition, agriculture, the environment, sustainability, and local food was studied after a two-week garden summer camp program for youth. A sustainable living curriculum was designed and delivered throughout the camp program as a scrapbook that could be shared with parents following the end of the program. The scrapbooks were used as a tool by which a curriculum could be shared between youth and adults. A qualitative approach was utilized in evaluating the values of adults concerning sustainability and family engagement on learning.
dc.subjectGarden camp program
dc.subjectParental involvement
dc.subjectSustainable living curriculum
dc.subjectFamily engagement
dc.subjectCamp counselors
dc.titleAn evaluation of a youth camp program's impact on parents' perceptions of sustainability and family engagement
dc.description.departmentAgricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
dc.description.majorAgricultural Leadership
dc.description.advisorJessica Holt
dc.description.committeeJessica Holt
dc.description.committeeEric Rubenstein
dc.description.committeeNick Fuhrman

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