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dc.contributor.authorShi, Zhan
dc.description.abstractIn recent years, rapid development of land and frequent climate hazard pose two challenges to Coastal Georgia. Both the natural resources and the property of coastal residents have become vulnerable to sea level rise and flooding risk. Using Glynn County, GA, as a case study, based on a Geographic Information System (GIS) platform, this study attempt to identify a land-use preference and conflict by Land-Use Conflict Identification Strategy (LUCIS) model, and then propose sustainable land-use scenarios for 2030 by means of future land-use allocation. Furthermore, comparison of the results and the future land use map of Glynn County indicates that the alternative land-use pattern should be taken into consideration for climate hazard adaptation. The results of this study will be useful in not only visualizing but also understanding future land-use trends in Glynn County.
dc.subjectland use, LUCIS model, climate hazard, Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
dc.titleVisualizing future land use
dc.title.alternativefacing climate hazard in the coastal area of Glynn County, GA
dc.description.departmentEnvironmental Design
dc.description.majorEnvironmental Planning and Design
dc.description.advisorRosanna Rivero
dc.description.committeeRosanna Rivero
dc.description.committeeAlison Smith Bramlet
dc.description.committeeJack Crowley

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