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dc.contributor.authorNixon, Ryan Stephen
dc.description.abstractTeacher content knowledge is an important component of science teachers’ knowledge as it can influence classroom practice and the development of other forms of knowledge. Despite its importance, content knowledge has been poorly conceptualized in science education. This dissertation is composed of two manuscripts that present and new model of science teacher content knowledge, known as science knowledge for teaching (SKT). The first manuscript reports on a study that sought to characterize the domains of the SKT model using a sample of 13 new teachers from South Africa and the US. Through a qualitative analysis of interviews regarding teachers’ knowledge of the conservation of mass, the domains of the SKT model are characterized. Findings suggest the presence of unique domains of teacher content knowledge used in the work of teaching science and that it is possible for new teachers to have knowledge in these domains. The second manuscript reports on a study that explored the development of SKT in new teachers in the US. This cross-sectional sample included teachers in their first, second, and third years. Though all of teachers taught chemistry, half of them held a degree in chemistry and half held a degree in biology. Results of the inductive qualitative analysis indicated that the development of SKT is influenced by both holding a degree in the subject area and classroom experience. These two factors may be tied to SKT development by influencing teacher identity and opportunities for reflection. This dissertation suggests that the SKT model is a viable way of conceptualizing the content knowledge of science teachers, emphasizing the unique knowledge needed for teaching. Further, this dissertation clarifies the SKT model and suggests future directions for research related to teacher content knowledge.
dc.subjectcontent knowledge
dc.subjectnew teachers
dc.subjectscience education
dc.titleKnowing science like a teacher
dc.title.alternativean exploration of the content knowledge of new science teachers
dc.description.departmentMathematics and Science Education
dc.description.majorScience Education
dc.description.advisorJulie Luft
dc.description.committeeJulie Luft
dc.description.committeeHamsa Venkat
dc.description.committeeJ. Steve Oliver
dc.description.committeeJulie Kittleson

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