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dc.contributor.authorMorphis, Christopher Lane
dc.description.abstractLake Herrick was constructed on the University of Georgia’s south campus in 1982 with facilities for swimming and boating. Following a period of declining water quality, the lake was closed and is now under-utilized. This research provides an understanding of the water quality problems and details how green infrastructure landscape design interventions can improve water quality. The ultimate goal is to enhance the lake’s water quality and ecological health to reverse impairments and reinstate water-based recreation. An inventory and analysis of current and historical watershed conditions was conducted. Projective design was used to explore the feasibility of implementing a series of stormwater control measures (SCMs) throughout Lake Herrick’s watershed. A total of 29 individual SCMs were proposed and illustrated with details including placement location, footprint, and total projected cost. The recommendations for lake management treatments provide insight and guidance for management and restoration planning at Lake Herrick.
dc.subjectWatershed Management
dc.subjectWater Quality
dc.subjectGreen Infrastructure
dc.subjectStormwater Control Measures
dc.titleUsing green infrastructure to support water-based recreation in Lake Herrick
dc.description.departmentCollege of Environment and Design
dc.description.majorLandscape Architecture
dc.description.advisorJon Calabria
dc.description.committeeJon Calabria
dc.description.committeeR. Alfred Vick
dc.description.committeeLaurie Fowler

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