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dc.contributor.authorLemberg, Leah R.
dc.description.abstractThis study focuses on the discourse patterns and feedback produced by native and non-native Spanish-speaking instructors in upper-level college Spanish classes. Previous studies have analyzed the efficacy of triadic discourse patterns such as initiation-response-feedback and initiation-response-evaluation in entry-level classes. However, to date, these patterns have not been studied in upper-level classes. The current study analyzes these triadic patterns as they are used by instructors in upper-level college Spanish classes.. Feedback types used by native and non-native Spanish instructors are also analyzed. The triadic discourse patterns found in entry-level foreign language classes in previous studies are also found in the data gathered for the present study. Three types of feedback occur in this data: positive, corrective, and neutral. Furthermore, the feedback used by the native and non-native Spanish instructors varies in both frequency and type.
dc.rightsOn Campus Only Until 2017-05-01
dc.subjectdiscourse analysis
dc.subjectclassroom discourse
dc.subject, triadic dialogue
dc.subjectclassroom feedback
dc.titleNative and non-native instructors’ discourse patterns and feedback in upper-level Spanish classes
dc.description.departmentRomance Languages
dc.description.advisorSarah Blackwell
dc.description.committeeSarah Blackwell
dc.description.committeeMargaret Quesada
dc.description.committeeLewis Howe

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