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dc.contributor.authorEvans, Karla Nicole
dc.description.abstractIn contrast to studies of identity formation of converts to Islam that do not attempt to analyze experiences and identify emotions within different stages of the conversion process, evidence from this mixed-methods study of American female converts to Islam reveals: 1) some converts distinguish between outwardly becoming/being Muslim at the time of conversion to Islam and feeling Muslim; 2) some of the key factors in the development of feelings of Muslimness (as identified by 257 U.S. female converts); 3) the greater the degree of key factors, the more rapidly the feelings of Muslimness develop, and the lesser the degree of key factors, the more slowly the feelings of Muslimness develop, if at all; 4) additional significant issues related to feelings of Muslimness are the degree to which such feelings differ in public and private settings, the extent to which the feelings are esoterically and/or exoterically based, and 5) what feeling Muslim means to American female converts to Islam.
dc.rightsOn Campus Only Until 2017-05-01
dc.subjectFeeling Muslim, Conversion studies, American female converts to Islam, U.S. female converts to Islam, Islam in America, American Muslims, U.S. Muslims, African-American Muslims, Latina Muslims, Hispanic Muslims, Muslim Americans, Religious Conversion, Conversion to Islam, Conversion as transition, Conversion as transformation, Religious transformation, Spiritual transformation, Being and becoming, Identity formation, Identity cultivation, Conversion Process, American Muslim communities, U.S. Muslim communities, U.S. female Muslim convert support, American female convert support, Unmosqued, Islamophobia
dc.titleFeeling Muslim
dc.title.alternativeprolegomena to the study of American female converts to Islam
dc.description.advisorAlan Godlas
dc.description.committeeAlan Godlas
dc.description.committeeCarolyn Jones Medine
dc.description.committeeSandy Dwayne Martin
dc.description.committeeKenneth Honerkamp

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