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dc.contributor.authorEavenson, Matthew R.
dc.description.abstractCurio is a software framework intended to help researchers aggregate, integrate, organize, enhance, share, and analyze their scientific data. Most current research systems are built around predefined data management schemas that scientists must use in order to do their work, even if their data must be reorganized. Instead, Curio allows these schemas to evolve from researchers' personal organizational preferences by providing the ability to enhance research data with metadata, including properties, relationships, and types. This allows the construction of ontologies starting with research data, and without requiring experience in data modeling. Curio also supports binding "behaviors" (built-in actions, or pre-programmed plugins) directly to ontological patterns, providing more powerful ways to utilize enhanced data. Although this project specifically focuses on scientific research rather than personal or business use, the features it offers could be employed in any context where data management and utilization is desired. Furthermore, even though we mainly use glycobiology as our primary domain for case studies, the features present in Curio could support research in any domain.
dc.subjectScientific Information Management
dc.subjectActive Ontology
dc.subjectOntology Construction
dc.subjectOntology Behaviors
dc.title.alternativetowards organically constructed active ontologies for scientific research
dc.description.departmentComputer Science
dc.description.majorComputer Science
dc.description.advisorKrzysztof J. Kochut
dc.description.committeeKrzysztof J. Kochut
dc.description.committeeWilliam York
dc.description.committeeJohn A. Miller
dc.description.committeeI. Budak Arpinar

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