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    • J.H. Weinberger Letter 

      Weinberger, J.H. (2015-09-14)
      Letter from J.H. Weinberger to H.P. Stuckey stating reasons why the Elberta peach has not been used as a "parent" variety in his work.
    • M.A. Blake Letter 

      Blake, M.A. (2015-09-14)
      Letter from M.A. Blake to H.P. Stuckey detailing his work using Elberta peach in his peach breeding work. Includes a handwritten note from Stuckey of Blakes out-standing work.
    • Origin of Peach Industry is told in Interview by Lewis Rumph to Macon Man 

      Hatcher, Albert S. (2015-09-14)
      Typed interview of Lewis Rumph by Albert S. Hatcher, giving a more personal side of the early days of peach industry in Georgia.
    • Rumph Letter to Stuckey 

      Rumph, Elberta (2015-09-14)
      Handwritten letter to H.P. Stuckey from Mrs. S.H. Rumph, Sr. detailing the origin of the Elberta peach and the accomplishments of her son, Sam H. Rumph.
    • Stanley Johnson Letter 

      Johnson, Stanley (2015-09-14)
      Letter from Stanley Johnson to H.P. Stuckey stating reasons the Elberta peach has not been used in his work on peach breeding.