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Recent Submissions

  • The Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network 

    Hoogenboom, , Gerrit (2015-11-04)
    In 1991 the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the University of Georgia established the Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network. The objective of this network is to collect reliable weather ...
  • Elberta peachtrees in a greenhouse near Amsterdam, Holland 

    unknown photographer (2015-09-14)
    The above photograph of Elberta peach trees was made in a greenhouse near Amsterdam Holland in 1928. Dr. E.C.Brooks, then president of A & M College, Raleigh, NC stands near peach trees. Signed H.P. Stuckey
  • Elberta peach trees loaded with fruit in orchard of the GA Experiment Station 

    unknown photographer (2015-09-14)
    Photograph of peach trees with handwritten caption, "Elberta peach trees loaded with fruit in orchard of the Georgia Experiment Station".
  • Diamond Jubilee for the Elberta 

    Stuckey, H.P. (2015-09-14)
    Typewritten draft of article later published in American Fruit Grower.
  • M.A. Blake Letter 

    Blake, M.A. (2015-09-14)
    Letter from M.A. Blake to H.P. Stuckey detailing his work using Elberta peach in his peach breeding work. Includes a handwritten note from Stuckey of Blakes out-standing work.
  • Stanley Johnson Letter 

    Johnson, Stanley (2015-09-14)
    Letter from Stanley Johnson to H.P. Stuckey stating reasons the Elberta peach has not been used in his work on peach breeding.
  • J.H. Weinberger Letter 

    Weinberger, J.H. (2015-09-14)
    Letter from J.H. Weinberger to H.P. Stuckey stating reasons why the Elberta peach has not been used as a "parent" variety in his work.
  • Origin of Peach Industry is told in Interview by Lewis Rumph to Macon Man 

    Hatcher, Albert S. (2015-09-14)
    Typed interview of Lewis Rumph by Albert S. Hatcher, giving a more personal side of the early days of peach industry in Georgia.
  • Georgia Peach Industry was Developed by Dane 

    unknown author (2015-09-14)
    Newspaper article detailing the early peach industry begun by Denmark native in 1850.
  • Diamond Jubilee of the Elberta Peach 

    Stuckey, H.P. (2015-09-14)
    Article from the "American Fruit Grower" by H.P. Stuckey published January 1945. Details the beginning of Elberta peach industry in Georgia. The article summarizes peach test conducted by others in several states.
  • Rumph Letter to Stuckey 

    Rumph, Elberta (2015-09-14)
    Handwritten letter to H.P. Stuckey from Mrs. S.H. Rumph, Sr. detailing the origin of the Elberta peach and the accomplishments of her son, Sam H. Rumph.
  • Accomplishments of the Georgia Experiment Station, Experiment, Georgia 

    Cowart, F. (2015-09-14)
    A report on the accomplishments of the Georgia Experiment Station, written in 1952 by its resident director. Summarizes accomplishments spanning several decades up to 1952 by each of the departments at the station.