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dc.contributor.authorEady, Matthew Brent
dc.description.abstractOptical microbial detection methodologies have shown the potential as early and rapid pathogen detection methods. This proof-of-concept project explores the use of hyperspectral microscopy as a potential method for early and rapid classification of five Salmonella serotypes. Darkfield hyperspectral microscope images were collected at early incubation times of 6, 8, 10, and 12 hrs., then compared to 24 hrs. incubation. Hypercube data collected from cells were analyzed through multivariate data analysis (MVDA) methods to assess classification ability of early incubation times. A separate experiment was conducted to explore the ability of analyzing hyperspectral data collected from only informative spectral bands as opposed to the original 89 spectral bands. MVDA showed that incubation times as early as 8 hours had near identical spectra and classification abilities compared to 24 hours; while the original 89-point spectrum could be reduced to 3 selected spectral bands and maintain high serotype classification accuracy.
dc.subjecthyperspectral microscopy
dc.subjectearly detection
dc.subjectrapid detection
dc.subjectmultivariate data
dc.titleHyperspectral microscopy for early and rapid detection of Salmonella serotypes
dc.description.departmentFood Science and Technology
dc.description.majorFood Science
dc.description.advisorBosoon Park
dc.description.committeeBosoon Park
dc.description.committeeFanbin Kong
dc.description.committeeMark Harrison

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