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dc.contributor.authorNace, Elizabeth Lee
dc.description.abstractThis study evaluated the effect of a feed supplement (OmniGen-AF®) on the innate immunity and health events in dairy heifers. For 60 days prepartum, supplemented heifers (n=20) received OmniGen-AF® daily and were compared with unsupplemented controls (n=20). Blood leukocyte phenotype markers, phagocytic activity, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production were evaluated pre- and postpartum; health parameters and milk production were also measured postpartum. Leukocyte expression of CH62L, and phagocytosis of E. coli an S. aureus from supplemented heifers were greated than controls (p = 0.10), while ROS production was greater among controls (p = 0.10). Supplemented heifers exhibited fewer adverse health events than controls (p = 0.143) and a lower mastiis rate (p = 0.098). Results demonstrated a positive role of OmniGen-AF® in amplifying leukocyte function consistent with antibacterial activity during the periparturient period and support the continued study of ditary supplementation to enhance mammary gland health in diary cows.
dc.subjectInnate immunity
dc.subjectdietary supplementation
dc.subjectdairy heifers
dc.subjectperiparturient period
dc.titleModulation of innate immune function and phenotype in bred dairy heifers during the periparturient period induced by feeding an immunostimulant 60 days prior to delivery
dc.description.departmentAnimal and Dairy Science
dc.description.majorAnimal Science
dc.description.advisorStephen Nickerson
dc.description.committeeStephen Nickerson
dc.description.committeeDavid Hurley
dc.description.committeeWilliam Graves

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