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dc.contributor.authorAlfonso, Mariana Barreto
dc.description.abstractThis thesis focuses on the interactions between the urban environment and climate. Using the city of Savannah, Georgia, as a case study, the main goal of this project is to demonstrate how urban design can impact climate, displaying the importance of the acknowledgment of this issue by the planning community. Furthermore, it aims to display how basic knowledge of climate can become a powerful tool for the conception of urban design and aid in adapting cities to climate, in a time when resiliency and adaptation are at the forefront of the discussions in many fields. The results of this study will potentially help shed light to the applicability of climate in planning and point to a practical approach to the incorporation of this theme in city plans and policies.
dc.subjecturban design, climate adaptation, urban planning.
dc.titlePlanning with climate
dc.title.alternativeurban design as a tool for adaptation
dc.description.departmentEnvironmental Design
dc.description.majorEnvironmental Planning and Design
dc.description.advisorRosanna Rivero
dc.description.committeeRosanna Rivero
dc.description.committeeJ. Marshall Shepherd
dc.description.committeeJohn Crowley

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