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dc.contributor.authorUribe, Jacqueline
dc.description.abstractE-Cadherin is part of a large family of Ca2+ dependent cell adhesion molecules that are fundamentally important for normal eye development. The use of BAC transgenic mice for gene expression mapping, highly depends on the accuracy of the expression data obtained. In order to determine if GENSATs EGFP BAC transgene was faithfully replicating E-cadherin's expression pattern within the eye, I directly compared EGFP and E-cadherin expression in sections through the eye of transgenic embryos at E10.5, E12.5, E17.5, P0, and adult mice. I show that this BAC transgene faithfully replicated E-cadherin expression in the developing eye at E10.5, E12.5, and E17.5. However, ectopic EGFP expression was observed in P0 and adult mice eyes. Together, these findings suggest that the BAC transgene faithfully replicates E- cadherin expression only during embryonic development and not in P0 or adult mice eyes.
dc.subjectE-cadherin, cdh1, BAC transgene, eye, development, mouse, expression
dc.titleAssessment of an E-cadherin BAC transgene for studies on anterior eye development
dc.description.departmentCellular Biology
dc.description.majorCellular Biology
dc.description.advisorJames D. Lauderdale
dc.description.committeeJames D. Lauderdale
dc.description.committeeCordula Schulz
dc.description.committeeDoug Menke

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