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dc.contributor.authorTalian, Andrew James
dc.description.abstractLet $mf{g} = supalg{mf{g}}$ be a Lie superalgebra over an algebraically closed field, $k$, of characteristic 0. An endotrivial $mf{g}$-module, $M$, is a $mf{g}$-supermodule such that $Hom_k(M,M) cong k oplus P$ as $mf{g}$-supermodules, where $k$ is the trivial module concentrated in degree $overline{0}$ and $P$ is a projective $mf{g}$-supermodule. Such modules form a group, denoted $T(mf{g})$, under the operation of the tensor product. We show that for an endotrivial module $M$, the syzygies $sy{n}{M}$ are also endotrivial and for certain detecting Lie superalgebras of particular interest we show that $sy{1}{k}$, along with the parity change functor, actually generate the group of endotrivials. While it is not known in general whether the group of endotrivial modules for a given Lie superalgebra $mf{g}$ is finitely generated, the first classifications here support this result and another finiteness theorem maybe stated under under the additional assumption that a Lie superalgebra $mf{g}$ is classical and that $ev{mf{g}}$ has finitely many simple modules of dimension $leq n$ for some fixed $n in N$. In this case, we show that for the same fixed $n$, there are finitely many isomorphism classes of endotrivial modules of dimension $n$. While this result does not imply finite generation, it may be a useful tool in proving this result in the future. The last result deals with relating the group of endotrivial modules for the Lie superalgebra $mf{gl}(n|n)$ to the group of endotrivial modules over a particular parabolic subalgebra $mf{p}$. The restriction map gives an embedding of the group $T(mf{g})$ into $T(mf{p})$. This result could reduce the computation of the seemingly more complex $T(mf{g})$ to the understanding simpler case of $T(mf{p})$.
dc.subjectLie Superalgebras
dc.subjectRepresentation Theory
dc.subjectEndotrivial Modules
dc.titleEndotrivial modules for classical Lie superalgebras
dc.description.advisorDaniel K. Nakano
dc.description.committeeDaniel K. Nakano
dc.description.committeeDaniel Krashen
dc.description.committeeWilliam Graham
dc.description.committeeBrian Boe

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