In this course, students undertake a collaborative community assessment/service learning project, grounded in community-based participatory theory and practice. Towards this end, students make use of fieldwork and course readings/activities to collect, analyze, and synthesize primary and secondary-level community information, with the goal of identifying assets, challenges and opportunities for change. This process culminates with a final report prepared by the students and disseminated to the local community as well as archived online for open access. The hope is that this information will prove helpful in informing the scope of future change efforts within local communities, as well as a data source to compliment grant writing initiatives to support said efforts.

Recent Submissions

  • East Athens community assessment final report 

    Albrycht, Leslie; Armstrong, Kelli Jo; Baer, Megan; Camp, Meghan; Gillus, Chelsea; Goodwin, Nina; Hui, Emily; Johnson, Quentara; Jones, Julia; Korwan, Jennifer; Lieu, Nyla; Skinner, Lori; Smith, Anna Marie; Thompson, Kelsey; Westbrook, Megan (University of Georgia, 2014-12-09)