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dc.contributor.authorBundy, Jonathan Nicholas
dc.description.abstractI examine how a firm’s multiple reputations influence managers’ and stakeholders’ reactions to a negative violation. Specifically, I investigate how a firm’s financial and social reputations, as well as its overall general reputation, serve potentially conflicting roles for two types of organizational violations: financial restatements and environmental malfeasance. In the context of financial restatements, I find that a firm’s social reputation encourages managers to provide a more accommodative response to the violation, while its general reputation discourages managers from being accommodative. I also find that being accommodative positively influences each of a firm’s three reputations as outcomes in a financial violation context. In the context of environmental malfeasance, I find that a firm’s social and financial reputations encourage managers to provide an accommodative response, while its general reputation discourages managers from being accommodative. I also find that being accommodative negatively influences a firm’s social and general reputations as outcomes in the social violation context. Ultimately, I show that reputation repair is a complex and dynamic process and that a firm’s multiple reputations often act as conflicting rather than complementary assets. In doing so, I advance organizational research in several related areas, including reputation management, stakeholder management, and social evaluations.
dc.subjectFirm Reputation
dc.subjectReputation Repair
dc.subjectNegative Violation
dc.titleReputations in flux
dc.title.alternativeexamining how a firm's multiple reputations influence reactions to a negative violation
dc.description.majorBusiness Administration
dc.description.advisorMichael Pfarrer
dc.description.committeeMichael Pfarrer
dc.description.committeeChristine Shropshire
dc.description.committeeScott Graffin

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