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dc.contributor.authorBrooks, Andrew Buren
dc.description.abstractThe genus Ploeotia represents a group of small, colorless, heterotrophic euglenids commonly found in shallow-water marine sediments. Species belonging to this genus have historically been poorly described and studied. However, a Group I intron discovered within the small subunit ribosomal DNA gene of Ploeotia costata, makes P. costata the only euglenazoan known to possess an actively splicing Group I intron. This intron contains conserved secondary structures that indicate monophyly with introns found in Stramenopiles and Bangiales red algae. This project describes the internal and external morphology of a related species, Ploeotia pseudanisonema, using light and electron microscopy, and investigates the possibility of a Group I intron within P. pseudanisonema. Using recently obtained SSU rRNA sequences, we also examine the phylogeny of Ploeotia, and comment on the relationship of the genus Keelungia to Ploeotia.
dc.subjectPloeotia pseudanisonema
dc.subjectPloeotia costata
dc.subjectPloeotia vitrea
dc.subjectKeelungia pulex
dc.subjectTransmission electron microscopy
dc.subjectScanning electron microscopy
dc.subjectSmall subunit rRNA
dc.subjectEuglenozoan Phylogeny
dc.titleA morphological re-description of Ploeotia pseudanisonema, and phylogenetic analysis of the genus Ploeotia
dc.description.departmentCellular Biology
dc.description.majorCellular Biology
dc.description.advisorMark Farmer
dc.description.committeeMark Farmer
dc.description.committeeJoseph McHugh
dc.description.committeeSusan Goldstein

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