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dc.contributor.authorAldridge, Jason Harris
dc.description.abstractCongaree National Park, located in South Carolina, possesses the last remaining old growth forest in the American South. Congaree is managed as a wilderness area, but the NPS also has a stewardship requirement to the cultural resources within park boundaries. Congaree struggles to balance its wilderness and cultural resource management responsibilities. This thesis will examine the broader conflict between nature and history within the United States National Park Service. It also will explore the factors that initially shaped Congaree’s management policy and then consider how policy evolved with respect to the relationship between wilderness and cultural resource management. Finally, this thesis will explore Congaree’s pathway to a balanced, integrated, and comprehensive management approach for cultural resources and wilderness values.
dc.subjectCultural Resource Management
dc.subjectNatural Resource Management
dc.subjectUnited States National Park Service
dc.subjectCongaree National Park
dc.subjectWilderness, Environmental History
dc.subjectAdaptive Management
dc.titleCongaree National Park
dc.title.alternativean evolving approach to managing nature and history in the National Park Service
dc.description.departmentCollege of Environment and Design
dc.description.majorHistoric Preservation
dc.description.advisorCari Goetcheus
dc.description.committeeCari Goetcheus
dc.description.committeeDaniel Nadenicek
dc.description.committeeMelissa Memory
dc.description.committeeEric MacDonald

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