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dc.contributor.authorHolliday, Bonnie Stewart
dc.description.abstractUsing the ACF as an organizing framework, this study utilizes the school choice movement in Georgia as a case study of policy change in education. The study examines the ways in which support for choice initiatives has emerged and evolved to enable the passage of school choice legislation in recent years. A combination of data collection techniques were employed to answer the research questions posed by this study: document review and archival analysis, direct observation and participant observation, and targeted in-depth interviews with state-level policy actors. Findings from this study reveal that the success of the school choice coalition was at least partially enabled through (1) Georgia’s political culture—which prioritizes decentralization and deregulation, (2) the change in Georgia’s systemic governing coalition (a shift from Democratic to Republican control), (3) federal education initiatives tying funding to school choice implementation and the support of the current Presidential administration, (4) the ability of the school choice coalition to engage latent constituencies by conflating several important issues including parental empowerment, community engagement, and local school board authority, and (5) funding from organizations external to the state that provided the school choice coalition a significant advantage in their efforts to compete with the traditional education coalition on issues of policy expansion. Additionally, data collected for this study show that policy oriented learning did not play a significant role in the policy development process, and the 2012 vote on Amendment 1 served as a proxy for statewide support for expanded school choice options and increased parental empowerment.
dc.subjectSchool Choice
dc.subjectCharter Schools
dc.subjectSchool Vouchers
dc.subjectAdvocacy Coalition Framework
dc.subjectPolitics of Education
dc.subjectEducation Policy
dc.subjectEducation in Georgia
dc.titleAnatomy of a coalition
dc.title.alternativethe emergence of support for school choice in Georgia
dc.description.departmentLifelong Education, Administration, and Policy
dc.description.majorEducational Administration and Policy
dc.description.advisorElizabeth DeBray
dc.description.committeeElizabeth DeBray
dc.description.committeeSheneka M. Williams
dc.description.committeeJohn Dayton

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