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dc.contributor.authorRentz, Kaitlyn Kaye
dc.description.abstractIn an effort to combat food deserts, Mobile Farmer’s Markets have been introduced by both private and public operators as a viable means to reduce obesity and poor health by increasing the availability of fresh produce. Mobile Farmer’s Markets offer fresh fruits and vegetables along with the ability to travel creating close produce proximity for customers located within food deserts. Due to the recent implementation and popularity of Mobile Farmer’s Markets across America there are very few established methods of managing, operating, funding, and sustaining a Mobile Farmer’s Market. With the overarching intent of creating a healthier society by increasing fruit and vegetable consumption this study sought to discover and record the practices implemented by established Mobile Farmer’s Markets in Georgia by performing a multiple case study. This study found that the three mobile farmer’s markets shared five common barriers of time, cost, education, location and convenience.
dc.subjectMobile Farmer’s Market
dc.subjectFood Distribution
dc.subjectDiffusion of Innovation
dc.subjectand Food Deserts
dc.titleA multiple case study of three mobile farmer’s markets in Georgia
dc.description.departmentAgricultural Leadership, Education and Comm
dc.description.majorAgricultural Leadership
dc.description.advisorJason Peake
dc.description.committeeJason Peake
dc.description.committeeDiana King
dc.description.committeeNick Fuhrman

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