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dc.contributor.authorHenson, Holly Amber
dc.description.abstractThis thesis attempts to discuss the overarching themes of Southern identity and the history of the South. This is a literature paper, in that the Southern author, William Gilmore Simms and his Yemassee is analyized. I also discuss another Southern figure, a newpaper editor, and one leaders of the Cherokee Nation, Elias Boudinot.|The First chapter introduces these themes and the struggle between a white southern history and a Cherokee southern history. The second chapter reveals the facts behind Cherokee removal and the Jacksonian policy of the removal. The third and fourth chapters reveal, through the writings of Simms and Boudinot, a new persective on Southern Identity, its past and its present. What we find is that the words "southern" carries such a distinct and unique meaning, yet it also includes a multicultural society.
dc.languageWilliam Gilmore Simms and Elias Boudinot : a multicultural South
dc.subjectWilliam Gilmore Simms
dc.subjectElias Boudinot
dc.subjectSouthern Identity
dc.titleWilliam Gilmore Simms and Elias Boudinot : a multicultural South
dc.description.advisorTimothy Powell
dc.description.committeeTimothy Powell
dc.description.committeeBarbara McCaskill
dc.description.committeeClaudio Saunt

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