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dc.contributor.authorHarper, Felicity Wedd Kennedy
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this investigation was to examine the association between marital quality, partner support,and health outcomes in women during the transition to parenthood using a longitudinal design.Findings indicated that poor marital quality during the second trimester of pregnancy was related to more postnatal illness and fewer health promotion behaviors after considering relevant demographic variables,prenatal levels of health,and psychopathology.The pattern was reversed for positive prenatal marital quality,which was associated with less illness and more health promotion at 4-months postpartum.The association between marital quality and postnatal illness was mediated by satisfaction with partner support.Similarly,the effects of positive and negative prenatal marital quality on postnatal health promotion behaviors were partially mediated by the amount of instrumental support.Only positive prenatal marital quality showed indirect effects on health promotion behaviors through satisfaction with support.The amount of emotional support failed to show a mediating effect on the relationship between prenatal marital quality and either postnatal illness or health promotion behaviors.Although prenatal marital quality did not show a longitudinal relationship to level of postnatal health risk behaviors,both positive and negative marital quality were cross-sectionally associated with health risk behaviors.These findings support the importance of partner relationships in health outcomes and suggest that marital interventions may improve health maintenance and promotion and ultimately lead to more positive health outcomes.
dc.languageMarriage and health : the role of marital quality and partner support in postnatal health outcomes of women
dc.rightsOn Campus Only
dc.subjectHealth Behaviors
dc.subjectSocial support
dc.titleMarriage and health : the role of marital quality and partner support in postnatal health outcomes of women
dc.description.advisorSteven R. H. Beach
dc.description.committeeSteven R. H. Beach
dc.description.committeeIleana Arias
dc.description.committeeRex Forehand
dc.description.committeeJoan Jackson
dc.description.committeeMichael Kernis

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