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dc.contributor.authorMcGinnis, Barry Eugene
dc.description.abstractThe combination of saxophone and percussion instruments provides a wide variety of sound and timbre possibilities. This combination of instruments is unique to the twentieth century. The majority of works for this combination of instruments have been composed from 1980-1998. Composers are examining the possibilities of these instruments by utilizing groups that range in size from 2 musicians to 20 musicians. The purpose of this study is to examine and compile a listing of published compositions for saxophone and percussion instruments by North American composers. This document will provide a resource for performers and teachers who are searching for recital music in this genre as well as being a resource to aid others in doing similar research.|The information contained in the annotation is organized in the following manner: 1. Composer 2. Title 3. Date of composition 4. Publisher 5. Performance time 6. Saxophone instrumentation 7. Percussion instrumentation 8. Saxophone difficulty level chart 9. Comments|The annotations are arranged alphabetically by composer last name, within each chapter. A chart showing the level of difficulty for the saxophone part of each composition is included in the annotation. This chart was developed by the researcher and based on a level of difficulty chart developed by Dr. Rhett Bender for use in a similar document. The chart includes meter, key signature, tempo, articulation and contemporary techniques, and range.|The comments include musical elements and performance considerations. Performance consideration comments include the following areas: the ratings provided in the saxophone level of difficulty chart, any contemporary techniques required of the saxophonist, stage setup (if included), legibility of parts, performance directions given by the composer, and any additional information that is notated on the score. The information provided in the annotations is taken from three primary sources as follows: 1. the researchers examination and analysis 2. composer directions and comments printed on the score 3. any information specific to this work that may be provided by the composer or publisher
dc.languageAn annotated bibliography of selected published works for saxophone and percussion by North American composers
dc.subjectSaxophone and percussion music
dc.subjectAnnotated Bibliographies
dc.subjectSaxophone music
dc.subjectPercussion music
dc.titleAn annotated bibliography of selected published works for saxophone and percussion by North American composers
dc.description.advisorKenneth Fischer
dc.description.committeeKenneth Fischer
dc.description.committeeDavid Haas
dc.description.committeeDwight Manning
dc.description.committeeThomas McCutchen
dc.description.committeeD. Ray McClellan

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