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dc.contributor.authorMaier, Frederick Walter
dc.description.abstractThe following paper describes recent work on NED-2, an ecosystem management decision support system currently in development by the USDA Forest Service. Using knowledge bases created by forestry experts and inference engines, NED-2 evaluates forest inventories according to a set of predefined goals. Integrating third-party simulation and visualization packages, NED-2 allows the user to plan, predict, and assess treatments. It is a blackboard system, with agents implemented in PROLOG. Graphical interface, inventory, and plan creation modules are imple-mented in C++. A relational database is used as primary storage. NED-2 is a second generation product, building upon NED-1.|The paper addresses three issues. First, a blackboard integrating PROLOG with a relational database was created for NED-2; this is discussed. Second, the cre-ation of domain control modules to accommodate the more sophisticated conceptual scheme of NED-2 is described. Third, techniques used in the generation of NED-2 reports are presented.
dc.languageNotes on a blackboard
dc.subjectEcosystem Management
dc.subjectDecision Support Systems
dc.titleNotes on a blackboard
dc.title.alternativerecent work on NED-2
dc.description.departmentArtificial Intelligence
dc.description.majorArtificial Intelligence
dc.description.advisorDonald Nute
dc.description.committeeDonald Nute
dc.description.committeeWalter Potter
dc.description.committeeCharles Cross

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