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dc.contributor.authorBell-Hill, Melonie Anntonette
dc.description.abstractThis study sought to understand the experiences of African American adolescent females by examining specific variables including family environment, ethnic identity and developmental assets. Researcher attempted to determine a relationship between these variables and academic achievement by utilizing descriptive statistical analyses. Female adolescents who self-identified as African American attending either of two urban high schools located in the southeastern region were selected for the sample population. A battery of instruments was administered including a demographic data sheet, Family Environment Scale, Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure, and Survey of Student Resources and Assets. Data collection occurred during the spring semester 2001. This research study was conducted in an attempt to provide additive information within the psychological and educational literature. Findings from this research study will assist in the development of appropriate community programs, school-based interventions, and mental health services for African American female adolescents.
dc.languageFamily, ethnic identity, and academic achievement of African American adolescent females : understanding forgotten girls
dc.subjectAfrican American adolescents
dc.subjectFemale adolescence
dc.subjectAfrican Americans
dc.subjectEthnic identity
dc.subjectFamilial influences
dc.subjectWomen\'s psychology
dc.subjectadolescent development
dc.subjectAcademic achievement
dc.subjectAfrican American psychology
dc.titleFamily, ethnic identity, and academic achievement of African American adolescent females : understanding forgotten girls
dc.description.departmentCounseling and Human Development Services
dc.description.majorCounseling Psychology
dc.description.advisorPamela O. Paisley
dc.description.committeePamela O. Paisley
dc.description.committeeDeryl Bailey
dc.description.committeeGeorgia Calhoun
dc.description.committeeJohn Dagley
dc.description.committeeMary Frasier

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