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dc.contributor.authorNavarro-Ferrer, Carmen M
dc.description.abstractThis is a work of reconstruction, identification and analysis of syntactic patterns of noun modifiers, due to the fact that the current explanations of adjective modification in Spanish and English are insufficient or inappropriate to present a complete account of the phenomenon. A Contrastive Analysis has been chosen as the theoretical framework in order to identify the differences and similarities in the syntactic organization of adjectives in the noun phrases of both languages. A contrastive analysis of both systems is a useful and necessary tool for understanding the syntactic-semantic organization of the noun phrase and for implementing this understanding in the L2 classroom. By means of this research, we conclude that adjective modification is due to a conglomeration of factors, which will be more or less prominent according to the communicative intention of the speaker.
dc.languagePatrones de modificacion adjetival en espanol y en ingles
dc.rightsOn Campus Only
dc.subjectContrastive Analysis
dc.subjectAdjective Modification
dc.subjectNoun Phrase
dc.titlePatrones de modificacion adjetival en espanol y en ingles
dc.description.departmentRomance Languages
dc.description.advisorHildebrando Ruiz Morales
dc.description.committeeHildebrando Ruiz Morales
dc.description.committeeSarah E. Blackwell
dc.description.committeeDiana L. Ranson

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