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dc.contributor.authorHong, Juhee
dc.description.abstractInfluenza vaccination is strongly recommended for any age groups who are at increased risk for complications of influenza. Although vaccination rates are increasing, influenza vaccination is still underadministered. Identification of the factors associated with low rates of influenza vaccine acceptance will be of value to the development of influenza intervention strategies. The purpose of the study is to compare two influenza vaccination groups in terms of sociodemographic variables and selected barriers; to study the relation between those groups and 11 independent variables, and to determine whether the sociodemographic variables and barriers discriminate the two groups. The 1999 National Health Interview Survey dataset was used for this study. The sample was the 26,409 adults age 18-85. All respondents were classified to users and non-users based on influenza usage. MANOVA and DDA were used as statistical analysis methods. There were significant differences between age category and the barrier of having no usual health care provider among the two groups; older people and those reporting having a usual health care provider were more likely to have received an influenza vaccination in the past 12 months and thus, these two variables were determined as important factors affecting influenza vaccine acceptance. For health promotion strategies, it is needed to focus more on younger age groups and to encourage people to have usual health care provider.
dc.languageSociodemographics and barriers associated with influenza vaccination-based on the 1999 NHIS data
dc.rightsOn Campus Only
dc.titleSociodemographics and barriers associated with influenza vaccination-based on the 1999 NHIS data
dc.description.departmentHealth and Human Performance
dc.description.majorHealth Promotion
dc.description.advisorLaura K. McCormick
dc.description.committeeLaura K. McCormick
dc.description.committeePamela Orpinas
dc.description.committeeStephen Olejnik

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