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dc.contributor.authorHannah, Mark Edward
dc.description.abstractIn this paper we will be presenting my approach to generating two possible solutions to the three-body problem. We will first discuss the theory of reducing the dimension of the dynamical system through the use of symmetry and constants of motion. However, we can reduce no farther than to 5 degrees of freedom, which is still too high to solve and therefore we must change our attack from trying to find a general solution, to simply finding a specific solution.|We will then make use of the program Maple, which will allow me to create a simulation of this system. Through the simulations we will try and find the stable figure eight solution as well as a solution having a light satellite coming in from infinity and being captured in a stable orbit around a tight binary. We can adjust the initial conditions of the three bodies until we have generated a simulation that has the potential to be a stable periodic orbit. Unfortunately Maple will not prove that any solution found is stable, and we are therefore left with only a conjecture as to the stability of the system.
dc.languageAn analysis of the three body problem
dc.subjectCelestial Mechanics
dc.subjectn-Body Problem
dc.subjectThree-body Problem
dc.subject3-Body Problem
dc.titleAn analysis of the three body problem
dc.description.advisorMalcolm Adams
dc.description.committeeMalcolm Adams
dc.description.committeeThomas Gard
dc.description.committeeRobert Varley

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