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dc.contributor.authorHarvey, Julie Kang
dc.description.abstractThe Years of Pilgrimage encapsulates a significant portion of Liszt’s compositional style. Inspired by nature, literature, and works of art, this cycle of three sets for solo piano is an important aspect of Liszt’s overall output as a composer. The earliest compositions by Liszt that relate to the cycle are from his first multi-piece set, Album d’un voyageur (Album of a traveler), referred to hereafter as Album. Liszt revised the Album from 1848-1853 and issued it in 1855 in the form with which we are familiar today as Années de Pèlerinage, Première année, Suisse (Years of Pilgrimage, First Year, Switzerland). The genesis of these pieces is discussed in this document. It is also accompanied with a recording of the set. These pieces were important to Liszt’s overall output because they were conceived as inspiration for his orchestral works and served as a bridge to his symphonic poems.
dc.subjectAnnées de Pèlerinage
dc.subjectPremière année Suisse
dc.subjectYears of Pilgrimage
dc.subjectFirst Year, Switzerland
dc.subjectAlbum d’un voyageur
dc.titleA DMA recording project accompanied by an essay on Liszt’s Années de pèlerinage I
dc.description.departmentSchool of Music
dc.description.advisorMartha Thomas
dc.description.committeeMartha Thomas
dc.description.committeeRichard Zimdars
dc.description.committeeStephen Valdez

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