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dc.contributor.authorFew, Lauren Rachel
dc.description.abstractThe current study examined the reliability and validity of two pathological personality trait measures developed by the DSM-5 Work Group, the Clinicians’ Personality Trait Rating Form (Clinicians’ PTRF) and the Personality Inventory for DSM-5 (PID-5). Reliability and validity of a new measure of severity of personality impairment, the Levels of Personality Functioning scale (LPF), was also evaluated. In an outpatient clinical sample of 109 participants, results suggested that the Clinicians’ PTRF and PID-5 measures demonstrated good internal consistency and convergence was good across self-reported and clinician-rated traits. In addition, inter-rater reliability for DSM-5 traits using the Clinicians’ PTRF was fair. In terms of validity, both trait measures accounted for substantial variance in the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-IV (i.e., DSM-IV) personality disorder (PD) constructs, and related to normal personality traits, externalizing symptoms, internalizing symptoms and psychological distress, and life satisfaction as expected. Lastly, inter-rater reliability for the LPF scale was modest and severity ratings did not account for incremental variance in DSM-IV PDs beyond the DSM-5 traits, suggesting that severity of PD impairment may not be distinct from the presence of pathological traits.
dc.subjectpersonality disorders, DSM-5, pathological personality traits
dc.titleValidation of the proposed DSM-5 dimensional diagnostic system for personality disorders
dc.description.advisorJosh Miller
dc.description.committeeJosh Miller
dc.description.committeeJames MacKillop
dc.description.committeeW. Keith Campbell

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