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dc.contributor.authorWalker, Brandy Brown
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to identify and measure participants’ perspective changes in the context of mediation training. Q methodology was used to develop the instrument measuring perspective and to provide holistic data analysis. The three factors that emerged before training were reduced to two factors at the end of training. Pre-training and post-training results were compared. Nine out of ten participants had a statistically significant change in perspective. Participants indicated that role-play and debriefing activities were important in promoting their perspective change. Additionally, this study sought to provide evidence to address the claim that professionals from the field of law often have a perspective on conflict resolution in opposition to a mediation perspective. The results of the study showed that the two practicing lawyers in the study began the training with perspectives furthest from a mediation perspective, and that at the end of the training both revealed perspectives closer to the perspective of a mediator as promoted in the training.
dc.subjectperspective change
dc.subjectmediation training
dc.subjectadult learning
dc.subjectQ methodology
dc.titleIdentifying participants' perspective changes in mediation training using Q methodology
dc.description.departmentEducational Psychology and Instructional Technology
dc.description.majorInstructional Technology
dc.description.advisorRobert Branch
dc.description.committeeRobert Branch
dc.description.committeeRaytheon Rawls
dc.description.committeeTheodore Kopcha
dc.description.committeeChanMin Kim

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