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dc.contributor.authorSharp, Katrina Rachel
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to determine how interested and prepared secondary agriculture education teachers were to teach their students about global issues affecting U.S. agriculture. A mixed methods approach was used; six recent graduates of an Agriculture Education program were interviewed about how they developed their knowledge of global issues and agriculture, and a questionnaire was developed and administered to agriculture teachers in six Southern States asking about their knowledge and preparation to teach global issues. Results indicate that agriculture teachers are interested in learning more about global issues but feel underprepared to teach about the issues in their classroom. It is recommended that University Agricultural Education programs become more proactive in preparing agriculture teachers to teach about global issues.
dc.subjectglobal issues
dc.subjectagricultural education
dc.subjectteacher preparedness
dc.titleInvestigating agriculture teacher preparedness to teach global issues affecting U.S. agriculture
dc.description.departmentAgricultural Leadership, Education and Comm
dc.description.majorAgricultural Leadership
dc.description.advisorMaria Navarro
dc.description.committeeMaria Navarro
dc.description.committeeRochelle Strickland
dc.description.committeeNick Fuhrman

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