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dc.contributor.authorKo, Jupil
dc.description.abstractFunctional performance deficits may be present in a population with chronic ankle instability (CAI). The purpose of this study was to determine which functional performance tests identify CAI. Seventy volunteers were divided into a CAI group of 31 and control group of 39 individuals. In a single testing session participants completed the Foot Lift Test (FLT), the Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT), Single Leg Hop Test (SLHT), and Time in Balance Test (TIB) in a randomized order. There were no significant differences in performance between the groups. Significant correlations between the TIB and the FLT, and the SLHT and the SEBT were found. Identification of CAI group membership was statistically better than chance when either 4 FPTs (TIB, FLT, SLHT, and SEBT), 3 FPTs (TIB, FLT, and SEBT), or a single FPT (SLHT) were utilized. Clinicians may apply the SLHT as a first step in evaluation and then use the 3 other FPTs as the next step for further evaluation.
dc.subjectAnkle Sprain
dc.subjectClinical Test
dc.subjectChronic Ankle Instability
dc.subjectFunctional Performance Test
dc.titleUsing functional performance tests for predicting chronic ankle instability
dc.description.majorExercise Science
dc.description.advisorCathy Brown
dc.description.committeeCathy Brown
dc.description.committeeKathy Simpson
dc.description.committeeTed Baumgartner

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