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dc.contributor.authorHamburg, Joshua Dean
dc.description.abstractPoultry production allows the efficient production of animal protein in the form of meat and eggs. In developing countries where affordable animal protein sources for human consumption are deficient, the consumer price of poultry products and the expansion of the commercial poultry industry are negatively impacted by the utilization of costly imported feed ingredients to make poultry diets. Identifying and utilizing locally grown feed ingredients would be beneficial in these locations. Pearl millet is a drought resistant plant that produces a nutritious grain. Its cultivation in present day Mali spans thousands of years. It is still widely cultivated in this country where poultry production is limited. The nutrient composition of different varieties of pearl millet grown in Mali was assessed and then experiments were completed which indicated that whole pearl millet grain grown in this region is a suitable substitute for corn in broiler and laying hens diets.
dc.subjectpearl millet
dc.subjectlaying hens
dc.titlePearl millet and ghrelin in poulty
dc.description.departmentPoultry Science
dc.description.majorAnimal Nutrition
dc.description.advisorAdam J. Davis
dc.description.committeeAdam J. Davis
dc.description.committeeKristen Navara
dc.description.committeeMichael J. Azain

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