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dc.contributor.authorQueen, Kelsey Brooke
dc.description.abstractThis study examined the factors that are associated with movement along the housing career. Previous research indicates that people with adequate financial resources are more likely to experience upward movement, but less is known about why people experience downward movement. Using the 2009 American Housing Survey, a multinomial logistic regression was estimated to identify the likelihood of having upward, lateral or downward moves along the housing career. Being a homeowner and moving due to adjustment reasons increases the odds of having an upward move. The relationship between age and movement along the housing career differs by age group. In terms of marital status, married persons are more likely to have upward moves while widowed and separated or divorced households are more likely to have downward moves. The results of this research provide insights into which significant factors motivate households to move and how complicated the housing careers of households are.
dc.subjectHousing Career
dc.subjectResidential Mobility
dc.titleFactors associated with movement along the housing career
dc.title.alternativean examination of recent movers using the American Housing Survey
dc.description.departmentHousing and Consumer Economics
dc.description.majorHousing and Consumer Economics
dc.description.advisorKimberly Skobba
dc.description.advisorAndrew Carswell
dc.description.committeeKimberly Skobba
dc.description.committeeAndrew Carswell
dc.description.committeeRobert Nielsen
dc.description.committeeDiann Moorman

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