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dc.contributor.authorPeek, Jason Matthew
dc.description.abstractThis dissertation submits a policy implementation framework for the analysis of governance institutions and their performance. By examining the relationship between water institutions and implementation environments, the proposed implementation framework provides a typology of water institutions that is used to analyze their ability to mitigate water scarcity. Using the following research strategies: (1) a confirmatory factor analysis of policy implementation dimensions affecting institutional design, (2) a quantitative analysis of country-level data to measure relationship between institutional typologies and institutional performance, and (3) a quantitative analysis of state-level policy adoption data to measure the effects of implementation dimensions on drought management plan adoption, I find support for the proposed framework. The framework also provides insight into the relationship between policy implementation and institutional performance. Data have been compiled from existing studies on water institutions, national, and international datasets. This dissertation expands the previous research on institutional governance by providing a policy implementation framework for institutional analysis.
dc.subjectPolicy Implementation, Institutions, Institutional Analysis, Water, Water Institutions, Water Scarcity, Drought Management
dc.titleThe evolution of governance institutions
dc.title.alternativea policy implementation perspective
dc.description.departmentPublic Administration and Policy
dc.description.majorPublic Administration
dc.description.advisorAndrew Whitford
dc.description.committeeAndrew Whitford
dc.description.committeeBrian Williams
dc.description.committeeJoseph Whorton
dc.description.committeeRobert Christensen

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